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My Secret to Glowing Skin

BEAUTY - Zara Durrani - December 8, 2017

Glowing Skin Morning Coffee

I have spent more time in airplanes this year than any before. Add to that working in film industry where I put in 12-16 hour work days, with makeup on under super bright lights. That can result in dry, dull, dehydrated skin super fast.

If you know me, or follow my instagram you will notice that I’m not a big fan of the caked on makeup look. I’d rather my skin look healthy and glowing then add extra layers of highlighter.

Recently, it took me about 13 hours to get to Paris in October. And after Paris I flew to Barcelona, then from there to London, then Paris again and finally back to Vancouver. You don’t need to be a beauty nut to understand how much flying and recycled air can cause havoc to your skin. So here are my Tips for keeping my skin looking glowing in photos and IRL (in real life).

Photos by Tom Barrette in Venice, California


Drink at least 2 Litres of water a day. And that’s a minimum. If you’re like me who tends to hydrate with coffee (grrr!!!) carry a water bottle in your backpack at all times. You  will notice a difference in your skin tone and complexion. Even your eyes will look brighter and more clear. I definitely need to heed my own advice more.


Stretch or do yoga in the morning. If you’re a runner crank your favourite tunes and enjoy the city as you’re sweating it out. I normally like to look on Google Maps to see if there is a yoga studio close by. Normally I always pack my yoga mat in my suitcase. There are also a lot of easy to follow yoga videos on YouTube.


The number one way my skin looks glowing is thanks to Lougheed Laser Centre. I have been going there for about two years now. Working full-time in the film industry where I approximately work 12 to 14 hour days five days a week, all that make up and bright lights can really age your skin fast. So I regularly go for the Hollywood hydra facial at Lougheed Laser Centre. I have also tried the ZO medical line as recommended by skin experts at the clinic. Along with getting regular facials I also like to do laser hair removal so I never have to worry about waxing or shaving. They have two locations -Lougheed and Delta. If you’re looking to change up your skin care and get results fast I highly recommend paying a visit to Lougheed Laser Centre.




Glowing Skin

Waking up in Los Angeles


Glowing Skin


Glowing Skin

Morning Coffee

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