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Paris Fashion Week is always a Good Idea

FASHION & LIFESTYLE, TRAVEL - Zara Durrani - September 24, 2017

Paris Fashion


Paris Fashion Week is around the corner and I started packing my suitcase two weeks ago out of excitement. Even though I will be catching the tail end of it. This trip was more planned to visit Paris rather than fashion week, but I am beyond thrilled to attend some shows and enjoy the city of love and lights.

Last year after a week in Brussels I made it to Paris for only 24 hours and it was so hard to leave, believe you me. It is all the poets and romantics rave about and much more.

I’m a summer baby through and through, but fall gets me very excited each year. I get to take out my hat and coat collection.  Not quite sure how I will pack my entire life into one suitcase. Weather wise I’ve been told to bring my winter coats and layer up in Paris. And then I’m heading to warm Barcelona which is estimated to be around highs of 27 C.  After Barcelona I’m flying to London to see some college friends I haven’t seen in two decades. Honestly, I feel i need at least a week minimum in each city but two weeks is better than nothing.

Believe it or not, one of my hobbies or actual obsessions is to look for flights (deals) on the internet. Everyday i look for flights to my favourite destinations and day dream. I’m already planning a trip to Thailand or Singapore for November/December. Or I could head back to Europe for the holidays. One of my besties is moving to Lyon to study and we haven’t seen each other in years, but still remain in touch. Great excuse to visit France again. Anything could happen.







Bodysuit: Zara

Jeans: TopShop

Sweater & Beret: Vintage find

Photo: David Naman


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Top Things to Do in Brussels

TRAVEL - Zara Durrani - April 8, 2017

My top things to do in Brussels, Belgium – proudly presented to you a year later, one post at a time. I spent over a week in Brussels, Belgium. I explored the city by foot mostly and by car with a friend.

When i look at my photos from Brussels, I feel as if I’ve been transported to an old hollywood movie set. As a result I felt like Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday. It’s really hard not to feel inspired by all the art, history, the beautiful architecture, museums etc. We flew into Amsterdam from Vancouver and took the train to Brussels. The airport and the train station are connected and it took just about 2 hours to get to Brussels.

Brussels is the centre of European culture and has more to offer than anyone can imagine. The city offers over 90 museums, beautiful parks, historical architecture, great shopping and much more. And of course belgian chocolate and waffles. It is hard for me to pass on dessert. I had waffles for breakfast almost daily.

Top Things in Brussels – Parc du Cinquantenaire

Yes one of the top things to do in Brussels is devouring Waffles and enjoying delicious Belgian chocolate. To work off the calories, it’s good to go out for a walk … once a day helps.

One grey evening, my new friend Julien who happens to be a photographer from Paris decided we should go exploring the city. We drove out to Parc du Cinquantenaire also know as Jubelpark (Jubilee Park). It is a public park, hence there’s no fee to enter. If you visit Brussels I highly recommend you make your way to this beauteous and picturesque destination. Jubilee Parks makes a great backdrop for photos. One of the photos from our shoot made it’s way into Drishti Magazine.

Also known as Jubel Park, it also hosts Cinquantenaire Museum – part of the Royal Museums of Art and History.

I lucked out by meeting my new friend Julien via instagram through tourism brussels page. During my time off from the FUE Europe Conference I spent exploring the city alone and at times with him. FUE Europe conference asked  me to come on board as an MC for the event and to interviews surgeons and doctors flying in from around the world on camera.

Meeting Julien Dzuidzia was and blessing – to have a photographer by my side to help document my travels and be my guide. Julien had just moved from Paris to Brussels and I was dying to go to there. What a delight!

Lately i find myself checking flights to various European cities. My dreams is to spend at least a year in Europe, perhaps with Paris as a base and then traveling all over Europe as a writer/blogger – documenting my travels. Perhaps, learning to cook in Italy, learning to paint and speak french in Paris. Normally people wander over to Europe in their twenties right out of school. A little late to the party, but better late than never. In conclusion I am in love with Belgium and Europe if you can’t tell by now.
















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Top Things to do in LA Solo

TRAVEL - Zara Durrani - April 4, 2017

LA Solo

Last year i read somewhere – it’s better to be on the bottom of a ladder you want to climb rather than at the top of a ladder you don’t want to climb. That really resonated with me. Sometimes I feel the pressure of maybe having a 9 to 5 or to run my consulting practice with an actual office. As that’s what all adults of a certain age do. However in my heart i want to be jumping on air planes running towards the next adventure and making art as actor, artist, creative – on and off camera. The one thing last year has taught me is the importance of freedom and to follow my artistic pursuits. And how important it is to feel creatively fulfilled.

This year I am committing to travel more from here on onwards, whether i take little trips or go across the world. Literally everyday i visit (no this is not a sponsored post) to check deals to Barcelona, LA, Rome, Paris.

I recently visited LA, a city I love dearly. Every time i go there i realize all the things i haven’t done. There’s so much to do in LA, it feels like a different universe of it’s own. So this time i went there with a mission to spend time getting inspired and parts of the city i haven’t been to before.

I stayed in Korea Town off of Wilshire and Vermont, right by the train line. Honestly til now i didn’t know there was even a subway system in LA. So i ubered and trained around the city, even all the way to Pasadena and Santa Monica.


I spent the day at LACMA. Starting the morning off with a little shoot. And if you’re wondering where’s a good spot to take a shot, this is it right here by the giant rock and the beautiful palm trees and blue skies. Oh how i miss you LaLaland!

During my visit, the Pablo Picassio and Diego Rivera exhibit was on. I honestly love going to museums and art galleries by myself and quietly taking everything in.

LACMA also offers great cafe options with hard to resist pastries. As you will get to know me, you’ll discover my love for croissants and almond milk lattes. That afternoon i treated myself to a nutella croissant, oh yes!


You have to experience walking down Venice Beach. Yes Venice, Italy is also on my list. There’s so much to see and experience on Venice Beach. Whether you’re in the market to get a tat, or some souvenirs, you can also rent a bike for as low as $15 for the day and bike down to Santa Monica.


Chances are no matter what part of the world you are from, whether in music videos, magazine editorials or commercials you have witness the Santa Monica Pier and the ferris wheel. It’s an iconic scene. It’s even more beautiful at sunset as the lights turn on and you get to witness the rainbow coloured sunset skies of Hollywood.

4- Yoga Class

You’re on the westcoast my friend aka the best coast. So it is almost a rite of passage to get your downward dog on. Chances are you may find find a yoga studio on every block. And i’m not even kidding. That was the case for me when i was staying in Korea Town.

So far i have only explored Yoga Works in Larchmont when i was shooting a film there. I loved the classes, teachers and the studio (very high cielings and lots of natural light). That’s also where i was introduced to the Spiritual Gangster line. I bought myself a men’s tank with the sign Spiritual Gangster!

5- PCH

You have to experience driving down PCH towards Malibu. Nothing like feeling wind in your head, sun on your face and that gorgeous ocean view. All your worries can melt away. All you gotta do is rent a car and you’re set, maybe pack a picnic!

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